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Industrial Boltless Shelving

on September 6, 2019

Industrial Boltless shelving is the ideal heavy duty shelving solution for industrial, wholesale, residential and retail applications. Boltless shelving is most commonly referred to as rivetshelving, can be easily assembled and reconfigured without any hardware, nuts, or bolts.

Boltless rack applications are durable, easily configurable and versatile, making them a great shelving solution for any facility. They range from standard to heavy duty shelving options in a variety of sizes that will meet your needs in your shop, store, garage, or warehouse.

Advantages of Boltless Shelving

  • Easy to assemble and reconfigure
  • No hardware required
  • Various sizes and shelf capacities available
  • Rivet shelves adjustable in 1.5″ increments
  • Customizable for your facility, garrage, retail, and even residential

Boltless Rack Design

Each boltless shelving unit is constructed with solid steel, and offers a variety of sizes and configurations to choose from. There are two deck options for your rivet shelving. Standard units include ⅝ inch particleboard, but can be upgraded to wire decking. The wire decking option allows for better circulation, and for dust and debris to fall through to simplify the cleaning process. Also, wire decking provides more exposure to overhead sprinklers in case of a fire.

Easy Rack Assembly

Choose from complete steel boltless shelving kits, or select the parts you need to build your own industrial boltless shelving. Our steel boltless shelving systems feature shelves that are adjustable in 1.5” increments, allowing for easy customization to fit your products or tools. Whether used in a garage, shop, or in a hardware store, boltless rivet shelving is the perfect combination of strong support and customization for storing your goods.

Using boltless shelving is a great and efficient way to storage inventory and equipment and Camara Industries is your nationwide source for steel boltless shelving. Boltless steel shelving is at times called bulk rack and at times wide span rack.

What differentiates industrial boltless shelving from traditional steel shelving is that boltless shelving is made from uprights and components that make a frame as it were. Once the frame is created, and simple piece of particle board or steel deck is then placed on top to form the shelf. Because the shelving is mostly open air, the price stays low. Traditional shelving has steel under the entire load!

Whether you are looking to upgrade your current rack configuration or replace a part,  we offer all of the Boltless Shelving Components you require. Choose from large parts like Double Rivet Beams all the way down to the smallest such as Shelf label Holders. No matter what parts or pieces you need for your boltless shelving, we have them. If you have any questions about industrial boltless shelving please call 407-879-2549 or at info@camaraindurties today.