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End Of Aisle Protectors

End of Aisle rack protectors protect the area most susceptible to forklift damage, The ends of aisles!

The ends of your rack rows are where the forklifts turn and therefore the most prone to damage. This damage can turn deadly if not addressed quickly. Pallet racks with damaged upright frames can collapse due to the heavy weight of pallets. Avoid damage all together by adding post protectors and end of aisle protectors. Designed to protect the most vulnerable part of your rack from forklift damage.

For severe environments and abusive applications, AisleGuard end of aisle rack protectors are the ultimate choice in pallet rack protection. Our end of aisle warehouse rack protectors are designed to fit all types of pallet rack applications, protecting the bottom of the upright where most damage occurs.

End of aisle rack protectors protect the upright frames located at the end of rack rows. You probably have a combination of single rows (along the wall) and back to back rows separated with aisles throughout your warehouse.

End of Aisle Rack Protector Advantages:
• Increase workplace safety
• Reduce costly forklift damage to your rack system
• Reduce the chance of rack failure
• Bright yellow powder coat finish helps visual recognition
• Increases lift span of your pallet rack system

We stock column protectors that anchor to the floor in front of your upright frames and end-of-aisle protectors that reduce damage to the most vulnerable part of your rack system – the ends of aisles. We also stock steel angle floor guides and guard rail that anchor to your concrete floor.

End of Aisle Rack Protector Features:
• 12” Half-moon column protector protects the front of the column
• 6” x 3” structural channel acts as a barrier protecting the side of the upright frame
• End of aisle protectors have enlarged foot plates at the bottom with (4) pre-drilled holes for anchoring to the concrete.

End of aisle rack protection is a good idea for a number of reasons. In addition to helping to prevent rack failure, they save you time in the long run. You can’t afford the downtime it would take to repair the rack. Trying to repair a single part of the rack is very difficult without unloading the whole section. Unloading and disassembling a whole section could take a lot of time. We know that when you lose time, you lose money. Prevent the damage from happening with end of aisle rack protection.

Rack Protectors aren’t meant to be used once you already have rack damage, so why wait for accidents to happen. End of aisle rack protection helps extend the life of your racking system. You’re racks work hard on a daily basis and most likely have significant load weight. It’s important to take the right precautions to maintain your system before it’s too late.

You’ll find these to be an affordable option, especially compared to what rack failure would cost. Not only are they affordable, they are an investment that protects your rack, your personnel and your bottom line.

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