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How to Purchase Used Pallet Racking: A Comprehensive Guide

on November 28, 2023

Pallet racking systems are crucial for effective space management in warehouses and storage facilities. Opting for used pallet racking, such as pre-owned teardrop rack or pre-owned structural rack, is an excellent way to save costs as long as you maintain your standards for quality and condition. This blog will guide you through the nuances of purchasing secondary pallet racks to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

When considering used pallet racking, it’s essential to understand the benefits it offers. These storage racks are not only cost-effective, but at times stronger in capacity than you need giving you an excellent return for your purchase. Additionally, they are often readily available for immediate installation, unlike new pallet rack that may need to be manufactured due to limitations in stock.

The process of purchasing used pallet racking involves several key steps. Start by assessing your needs, including the space available in your warehouse and the load capacity required for your inventory. This initial assessment is crucial in determining the right size and quantity of storage racks needed. One challenge you may find in the used market, is that you may have a hard time finding the sizes you need due to availability. Therefore, when purchasing used warehouse rack consider having flexibility in your size requirements to achieve your goal. 

Next, finding a reputable seller is vital. Look for vendors specializing in used warehouse rack and check their customer reviews. Inspection of the pallet racking is crucial if the material needs to be permitted and it takes a professional with a trained eye to know when material isn’t suitable for installation. Furthermore, check to make sure all your uprights have footplates without any damaged posts or shortage in strength. If you’re lucky you may find a model number engraved in the uprights or beams that can give you insight on the capacity when the material was sold as new. Your best choice is to choose a racking style that is an industry standard to avoid any compatibility issues in the future if you need to add more.

Moving forward, price comparison is an essential part of the process. While you may think used rack is the best solution it may not always make sense. For example, the less material you buy the smaller your savings are realized and many times those savings can be as low as 15% due to demand in peak seasons. While the idea of buying some from an end user is possible, this can create a lot of problems. You may purchase warehouse rack that hasn’t been properly inspected without any guarantee for replacement or a refund. Material can also be measured incorrectly giving you false hope if it is not done properly. Material can also be bundled incorrectly, which can demand for more space on the truck and less material that you can ship affecting the overall cost by the time you receive it.

With that said, the best thing to do is to obtain quotes from multiple material handling dealers to ensure you’re getting a fair deal with racking in suitable condition. Compare the price of the material landed in your warehouse along with additional costs such as installation. Make sure if you need to get a permit, the condition of the rack will not be a concern passing inspection.

Finally, after you have understood the items to consider; use the information you’ve gathered to negotiate the price. Once you agree to the terms, make the purchase quickly before the material is sold. To make this process smoother, reach out to Camara Industries, Inc. and let’s discuss what opportunities are available and what may be coming down that you can take advantage of.