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Industrial Steel shelving is the most commonly used shelving for backroom, small capacity applications. Being relatively inexpensive, its unique design promises long-term use. One of the advantages of industrial shelving is that it can take on most of your storage needs while handling different loads depending on the gauge of the steel, the design of the shelves, and the chosen support system. There are two different styles of this type of shelving:

Closed Shelving – This type of shelving features steel panels to enclose both sides and the back. The closed shelving makes the unit sturdier and keeps items from falling out the back keeping products safe from damage.

Open Shelving – These types of shelves use braces to provide the necessary stability without using steel panels. Products can quickly be accessed from all four sides. Multiple shelving units can be joined together with longer support braces to create long shelving runs. An open-air design may also be useful in instances where continual air flow is needed.


  • Cost-wise, industrial steel shelving is relatively inexpensive to buy and install.
  • It is also flexible for different shelf heights and easy to assemble specific to your needs.
  • When choosing your shelving, several options are available based on the design you choose.
  • Whether you need to support 350 or 1,000 pounds per shelf, this type of shelving provides the most appropriate capacity for the job – be it 24, 22, 20, or 18 gauge.
  • Steel shelving is an exceptional solution for high-density applications.
  • Shelves are available in a wide variety of colors to suit your environment.
  • Available in a variety of shelf and post configurations make it possible to efficiently solve storage issues in a small backroom areas or large distribution center.
  • Whether you need to support 350 or 1,000 pounds per shelf, this type of shelving provides the most appropriate capacity for the load – be it 24, 22, 20, or 18 gauge.
  • Often storage demands may require cubing a room with cat-walks, 9’ tall shelving can be confidently installed today, while leaving room for sprinklers and lights, with the knowledge that this shelving system can easily expand higher when the time arrives.
  • Suitable for seismic zones, very few heavy duty industrial shelving systems can make this claim.
  • An industrial steel shelving system allows the advantage of free air flow as well as providing more storage within a smaller footprint.
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