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Pallet Supports

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Pallet safety supports help assure load balance and prevent misplaced pallets from falling between the beams. Pallet support bars are simple, inexpensive and provide an excellent cost-effective safety solution for your facility.

Pallet supports come in various styles including:

  • Drop-In
  • Drop Over
  • Snap-In (for slotted beams)
  • Bolt-In (for Structural beams)

A rack reinforcement strategy built around pallet supports will help you keep weight evenly distributed across each individual pallet. This will encourage longer overall pallet life. You’ll also benefit from protection against pallets accidentally sliding between racks. Be aware that pallet supports and wire decking are not intended as additional reinforcement for your racks. They will not enable you to load more weight onto your racks either. If your rack system is over-burdened, additional investment in supports will not prevent your larger overloading issue.

Pallet Support

In the pallet rack support game, there are two main contenders: wire decking and pallet supports. Compelling arguments can be made on behalf of each solution, but your choice may ultimately depend on your intended use.

8 Facts About Pallet Supports

1.  While manufacturers may publish capacities for their pallet supports, they don’t actually add capacity to the beam level.

2.  Like wire decking, pallet supports are not designed for point or impact loading. Uniform distributed loading is the rule.

3.  Again like wire decking, pallet supports are designed as a safety measure to prevent pallets from falling through the beams if loaded incorrectly. The beams should always support the pallet.

4.  A good rule-of-thumb is that crossbars are only intended to carry 25% of the pallet weight.

5.  Beams longer than 90″ should have one pallet support mid-span to prevent beam spreading.

6.  Tabbed or roll-in crossbars are for use with slotted beams

7.  Flanged or top-hat pallet supports are for use with beams without slots and can be tek-screwed in place to prevent sliding.

8.  Crossbars are manufacturer-specific due to differences in slot punching and step depth