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Modular offices and in-plant buildings allow for flexibility and quick response to expansion demands in the workplace. With 5-day quick ship options available, facilities can get fast delivery and installation of their cost effective modular office at Camara Industries. Modular systems come in up to 30 different sizes/configurations and can be integrated easily into your facility or office complex.

Choose from a design installation that includes two, three or four-walled buildings, one or two stories tall, or mezzanines. Prefabricated modular offices and buildings can be configured to fit any size space. Our team of professionals can install your modular unit exactly where you want it. However, if you choose to install our modular office yourself, we’ll support you with the right instructions and installation guide to help you.

Order fully-enclosed or with windows; these modular offices come with lights, electrical and everything you need to create a quick enclosure. Interchangeability of parts for a fully integrated modular system is easy to modify as well. The cost advantage and downtime created by traditional construction makes selecting a modular office an easy choice. Creating the right environment for your needs is our specialty. Contact us today about a quote on your Modular Office needs.


  • Versatility is the number one reason to choose a modular office which allows future changes at your business for expansion and more
  • Fast delivery and cost-effective on quick-ship configurations and easy assembly require less time
  • Every piece is prefabricated and pre-engineered so little to no architectural time is needed to design
  • Flexible and reusable; easy to reconfigure for future expansion or modification
  • Reduced construction debris and minimal facility downtime due to modular structure
  • Quick install results in lower construction labor costs compared to conventional building
  • Zero design time when choosing our ready to ship a wide variety configurations
  • Low maintenance, pre-fabricated wall panels never need painting
  • Tax advantages as modular construction allows 7 years of depreciation vs 39 years for conventional construction
  • Environmentally friendly due to less waste when building with modular components
  • Available as single-story or multi-level offices and mezzanine construction
  • Offers long-term benefits due to its flexible, easy to modify construction
  • Custom configurations available, each unit is manufactured to exact specifications


  • Attendant booths
  • Break rooms / Wash rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • CMM rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Control booths
  • Data center/server room
  • Steel crossovers
  • Entry vestibules
  • Environmental enclosures
  • Environmental rooms
  • Factory offices
  • Guard shacks
  • Industrial stairs
  • Inspection rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Learning centers
  • Machine enclosures
  • Mezzanine offices
  • Operator cabs
  • Paint booths
  • Parts storage
  • Portable security booths
  • Prefabricated storage building
  • Press boxes
  • Printing rooms
  • Rappel towers
  • Secure storage areas
  • Shipping office
  • SCIF room
  • Sports facilities
  • Substantial building
  • Tall walls
  • Warehouse management offices