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Cantilever Rack

Our strongest heavy-duty racking solution is our cantilever rack system. This system is suitable for companies stocking short, long or awkwardly shaped items such as drywall, metal tubing or lumber. With that said, cantilever rack systems can be regarded as a lumber rack for flat lumber storage systems or furniture rack for furniture storage system applications and pipe rack for long pipe storage rack applications. Our cantilever systems are easy to install and flexible in space efficiency with the ability to operate under a narrow pick aisle design. At Camara Industries, we know cost is a factor and always look to provide lead industry competitive pricing. We pride ourselves in working hard to earn your business and engineering the cost to a fraction of the design. Whether buying new cantilever rack systems or used cantilever rack systems at Camara Industries we can provide you the right application when shopping anytime type of storage rack application.


  • Available in many heights from 8 feet to 24 feet to comply with any overhead conditions such as fire sprinkler systems, lighting fixtures or governing variables such as the pick height of lift equipment.
  • ​Available in roll form or structural steel I-Beams according to load.
  • ​Available single-sided or double-sided to integrate your cantilever rack system in your warehouse plan configuration.​​
  • Cantilever Rack systems are governed to support the weight of the total of arms per tower.
  • Cantilever Arms are either straight for products that are not cylindrical or tapered with a slight angle to prevent product from rolling off.
  • Stopping pins are available as attachments to protect this from happening.
  • ​Cantilever Arm lengths are available in many sizes beginning at 12″ to 60″.
  • Cantilever Arms can be adjusted in height increments of 4″, to be bolted back to the tower.​


  • Maximizes horizontal and vertical space density to redeem space and reduce footprint density.
  • Redeem equipment efficiency by capitalizing on operational capabilities.
  • Reduce risk factor of property damage from abstaining to store material properly away from potential hazard.
  • ​Diminish material handling of physical labor by enhancing organization of existing space and proper storage of materials to establish inventory control/management.
  • Powder coated for indoors or galvanized finish to rival the roughest climates during any season and prevail for long lasting use.
  • Roofing solutions available to protect product from rain, sleet or snow.
  • Engineered to meet specified use and abstain from over design leading to excessive cost.
  • Available for narrow aisle, side loading lift equipment
  • Easy to install and maintain for vigorous use.


It is a storage system made up of a series of arms that extend out from a cantilever tower and have a cantilever base bolted to the tower and the ground. This comes together to form a cantilever design, allowing for easy storage and retrieval of long, awkward, and bulky items.

These racks provide high visibility, easy access to stored items, and can accommodate large, heavy loads. They are also easily adjustable and can be configured to fit your specific storage needs.

These racks are best suited for storing long and bulky items such as lumber, piping, sheet metal, and other awkwardly shaped items.

There are two styles of cantilever shelving: roll form cantilever rack and structural cantilever rack. Roll-form cantilever rack is easier to assemble by connecting the cantilever arms to the cantilever towers using a safety pin and does not have all the nuts and bolts of the industry-preferred structural cantilever rack system.

These systems of shelving can be either a single or double-sided cantilever rack. Single-sided cantilever racks are designed to be placed against a wall, while double-sided cantilever racks can be accessed from both sides.

The capacity of your rack should be done in 3 easy steps:

  • Determine the total length and maximum weight of your product.
  • Divide the weight of the product by the number of arms that will support your product to determine the rated capacity needed by each arm. 
  • Then check if the capacity of the arm in stock is sufficient to carry the fractional weight that will be needed to support the total weight of the item collectively over the span of the cantilever shelf.
  • Finally, add the total weight placed on all arms on that tower to ensure you do not exceed the allowable capacity designed for that side of your tower. Do this for both sides if it is a double-sided system, and determine that you do not exceed the total rated capacity of each side.
  • It is highly recommended to consult with a project manager to determine whether the weight capacity needed for these rack systems is sufficient to hold the weight of the product.

This kind of shelving is typically bolted to the floor using anchor bolts into concrete for stability. A professional installation of pallet racks crew should do the installation to determine the proper torque applied to the hardware for safety and security. Bracing sets must be designed based on the towers’ height and span.

The height of your rack should be determined based on the height of your top shelf, the height of your vertical storage space available, the reach of your lift equipment, and the height of your product to allow room to load and offload.

The number of levels your rack should have depends on the height of your storage space and the height of the items you will be storing. Your storage shelf should allow for a minimum of 6” above your product to load and offload your product.

Yes, many manufacturers offer customization of these racks for furniture racks, lumber racks, pipe racks, and even applications in auto salvage yards. These racks can be made with T-Sheds and L-Shed roofs for outdoor use and be created for furniture storage by supplementing support beams between the arms to bring further support for decking and form a shelf for display.

Light-duty cantilever racks are designed for lighter-weight items and have a lower weight capacity. Heavy-duty cantilever racks are designed for larger, heavier items and have a higher weight capacity. The heavier-duty a cantilever tower, the more impact resistant it is to forklift damage.

Some of these racks are designed for outdoor use and are galvanized to withstand outdoor weathering.

The span of your cantilever rack system should be determined around the use of what it is storing. This means the X-bracing and Horizontal Struts span must be long enough to provide enough support yet prevent your product from bowing or sagging. A careful look should consider the flexibility of the material and its weight to prevent any damage to it.

It is important to follow all safety guidelines when using this shelving, including properly loading the rack, not exceeding weight capacity, and adding load plaque stickers to the cantilever arms.

The lifespan of these racks depends on the quality of the materials used, the level of use, and the maintenance provided. With proper care, a rack can last for many years.


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