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A Drive-In pallet rack system offers a low budget, high density storage option for certain product mixes.  Drive-In rack loads items from the back to the front (LIFO) as the forklift drives into the rack system and backs out of the rack system.  As the system is loaded rear to front, it must it be unloaded front to rear. This is perfect for large quantities of similar products that have long expiration dates. However, drive-in rack is subject to more abuse due to the constant movement of forklifts in and out of the rack.

Drive-In systems help to reduce the number of aisles required in a warehouse.  These systems are frequently used in cold storage areas, where the cost of keeps items cool is at its highest and requires the most return on investment.

Drive-In can be limited by the warehouse management system and its ability to slot pallet locations.  In practice (because only a single SKU tends to be stored per bay storage), utilization is typically low due to honeycombing.


  • Warehouses with limited SKU counts
  • Producers with limited production variation, date segregated production or batch production
  • Cold Storage facilities
  • Food & Beverage warehouses
  • Grocery distribution centers


  • A great solution for high-density storage for low SKU counts
  • Low capital investment for equipment vs. other high-density solutions
  • Highly efficient storage with the ability to store like products back-to-back without aisles
  • Great for fragile product loads which cannot easily be stored in block stacks
  • Reduction of aisles creates more efficient use of space instead of typical selective type racking
  • Capable of reducing floor space by as much as 75%
  • Available in roll form or structural channel for heavy duty loads
  • Designed to be conformed to the size of your pallet and forklift
  • Eliminates excessive labor by reducing the amount of forklifts required to operate and maintain.


When a brand new drive-in system is quoted, the cost is delegated by a series of factors that make it unique considering quantity, pallet weight, number of levels, steel and the systems structural reinforcement. This means any adjustments discounted to meet the demand of demographics, competition or any other effort to meet our customers expectation will be screened and accounted for to provide you with a leading industry cost effective offer.