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At a glance, Camara Industries brings you unique solutions for cable reel storage by implementing axle support brackets into your selective pallet rack system. There is no longer a need to worry about load capacity. Our high capacity reel rack systems are designed for strength and adjustability at 2″ intervals for easily adjusting levels. You no longer have to worry about the stock pile in your warehouse. We have stand-alone units for small orders or systems designed to handle your cable inventory. At Camara Industries, our reel racks, cable reel holders, wire reel racks and more are all made of durable materials. Reel racks are the perfect solution to provide your space with adjustability and space optimization.

We’re aware that you’ll need customizable solutions for your reel rack depending on the size of the reel. This is why we provide adjustable, yet high-performing brackets. You’ll be able to adjust your reel rack to perfectly fit the needs of your storage vertically and horizontally. Our high capacity reel racks are made of the most durable materials and are able to withstand considerable weights. With our adjustable wire and cable reel racks, you’ll be able to store and dispense a wide variety of coiled materials in tight dense spaces.