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Rivet shelving is a sturdy, rigid structure that is easy to assemble without tools. Boltless assembly clips together in minutes. Choose from a variety of sizes in height and width, rivet shelving is available as light-, medium- and heavy-duty beams as single-rivet, double-rivet and c-channel beams respectively. Shelves are adjustable on 1.5” centers and custom configurations can also be ordered.

This flexible storage option allows a choice of particle board decking, metal or wire decking for shelving. Shelf sizes are up to 96” x 48” with a standard height up to 22’. As always, feel free to contact one of our project managers if you need assistance in designing your rivet rack system.


  • Boltless set-up allows for quick and easy assembly
  • Offers long-term benefits due to its sturdy steel construction
  • Completely modular, rivet shelving can be added to easily making it simple to configure
  • Different styles and types can be configured together depending on the load
  • Perfect for high-density storage, single rivet shelving uses smaller, low-profile beams to maximize vertical space between each level
  • Double rivet shelving is best for bulk storage with increased capacity for additional weight
  • Rivet shelving is perfect for hand loading areas and pick & pack areas
  • Select your shelving surface of wood particle board, metal or wire decking
  • Rivet shelving is a reliable storage system that’s easy to customize to your environment


  • Warehouses
  • Storage Rooms
  • Document/Record Storage
  • Workshops & workstations
  • Parts Rooms
  • Mechanic/automotive storage
  • Tire rack
  • Bulk retail storage
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Restaurant shelving