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Rivet Rack or Boltless Shelving

Boltless shelving, also known as rivet shelving, or sometimes rivet rack is an efficient and economical storage solution for any type of storage facility.

As the term “boltless” suggests, this type of rivet shelving contains no bolts or clips, and there is no special equipment required to assemble it other than a simple, cheap rubber mallet. The simple components lock rigidly together to form exceptionally strong shelving units. Rivet rack shelving comes in various configurations and weight capacities, making it very versatile for many storage applications. (Weight capacities generally range anywhere from 200 up to 2000 pounds!) You can incorporate additional boltless shelving units for added depth or width.

Specially designed to store small and medium-sized loads for manual access, you’ll find this kind of steel shelving in warehouses and distribution centers (often in combination with pallet racking), pharmacies, supply rooms, archive record storage facilities, and even residential garages, just to name a few. Additionally, standard boltless shelving components are often used to support all manner of mezzanines that will increase the unused cubic area of warehouses and maximize storage capacity.


  • Boltless set-up allows for quick and easy assembly
  • Offers long-term benefits due to its sturdy steel construction
  • Completely modular, rivet shelving can be added to easily making it simple to configure
  • Different styles and types can be configured together depending on the load
  • Perfect for high-density storage, single rivet shelving uses smaller, low-profile beams to maximize vertical space between each level
  • Double rivet shelving is best for bulk storage with increased capacity for additional weight
  • Rivet shelving is perfect for hand loading areas and pick & pack areas
  • Select your shelving surface of wood particle board, metal or wire decking
  • Rivet shelving is a reliable storage system that’s easy to customize to your environment


  • Warehouses
  • Storage Rooms
  • Document/Record Storage
  • Workshops & workstations
  • Parts Rooms
  • Mechanic/automotive storage
  • Tire rack
  • Bulk retail storage
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Restaurant shelving

Key Benefits of Boltless/Rivet Shelving:

  • Easier assembly in a fraction of the time means less labor cost.
  • Fewer parts mean lower shipping costs.
  • The versatility of rivet shelving is unparalleled because it is easily modified into countless configurations.
  • No sway braces or panels means unobstructed access from any direction, making boltless shelving everyone’s favorite space-saver.

Types of Boltless/Rivet Shelving

There are two types of rivet shelving; Single Rivet (also called Low Profile shelving) Double Rivet (also called Long Span shelving).

Single Rivet Shelving

Single Rivet Shelving is for high-density storage. This system is 48 inches wide and uses single rivet beams on the middle levels, but uses double rivet beams at the top and bottom for strength and rigidity. Single rivet units typically offer less capacity but more accessibility (thanks to the thinner beams) than double rivet units.

Double Rivet Shelving

Double Rivet Shelving is designed for longer than 48-inch spans, upon to 96 inches wide. Double rivet racks are high-capacity units with many options available to enhance flexibility and storage capacity

Boltless/Rivet Shelving Components

There are three main components of rivet shelving: upright posts (vertical posts), horizontal beams, and decking (shelves).

Upright Posts

There are two types of vertical posts: angle posts and tee posts.

The Angle Post is used for standard shelving applications and where strength and durability are a requirement. Angle posts are used on all four corners or at any time higher strength and durability are required.

The Tee Post is used for add-on units (for use as a common post between two shelving units) and gives you the option of arranging economical rows of shelving.

Shelving Beams

Horizontal beams keep serve as left to right supports to keep the shelving unit in place and uphold the decking. They also serve as front to back support, which prevents the posts from twisting. There are several types of beams to choose from to meet a range of requirements.

Single Rivet Beams are for light to medium weight industrial storage applications. This low-profile shelf beam is for the middle shelf levels only and is perfect when you need the maximum clear opening between shelf levels.

Double Rivet Beams must be used on all four sides at the top and bottom levels to ensure the stability of standard units. They can also be installed all four sides of all levels to support heavy loads or very long spans (up to 8 feet).

Low-Profile Double Rivet Beams have a higher capacity than single rivet beams but provide maximum space shelf levels.

Double Rivet ‘Z’ Beams protect the edges of wood shelves or decking and are for medium to heavyweight industrial storage applications.

Double Rivet C Channel Beams are used in place of double rivet angle beams for maximum capacity. They offer the highest capacity available in boltless shelving.

Decking for Boltless/Rivet Shelving There are many types of decking or shelves available for boltless shelving. Some common options are wire mesh, particleboard (wood), flat metal, corrugated metal, and melamine

Additional Components for Boltless/ Rivet Shelving

  • Center Supports or Tie Supports are for additional shelf support from front-to-back. The supports are bolted between double rivet beams at pre-punched locations.
  • Tie Plates connect shelving units side by side, eliminating the need to purchase additional specialty posts if you happen to have individual units with angles posts on all corners.
  • Footplates anchor the boltless shelving units to the floor for added safety and stability.

You can purchase additional components to enhance stability, safety and economy.

The benefits of boltless shelving for storage are many. Rivet shelving is flexible, strong, versatile, and economical, and with just one simple tool, you can put your shelving to work right away.



When it comes to your storage facility layout and design, the ability to store more in less space is the key to creating efficiency. No two warehouses or storage facilities are alike.

We offer every type of boltless / rivet shelving available. Whether you are looking for used rivet shelving or new rivet shelving, we’re here to help meet your unique needs. If you’re not sure about your needs, our storage specialists can help you design the shelving system that works best for your business and space. Our passion is to help you find the ideal system that will optimize your facility for the highest efficiency. We have plenty of new and used styles to match either your existing boltless shelving system or lay the foundation for years to come