Selective pallet rack of all storage systems is the most commonly used of all pallet racking solutions. Some of its advantages include the ability to quickly assemble a bay by dropping each beam into their hole without the use of much hardware or any at all. Typically, these holes or slots are placed incrementally every 2 inches vertically along the upright column, providing the ability to adjust your beam levels at its desired elevation. Some of the advantages this warehouse rack system includes the ability to reach vertical heights of up to 40’-0” or stoop as low as 4’-0” for the use of a display or workbench. Its applications are most common in environments that include distribution centers, retail stores or storage rooms.

Choose from a wide variety of warehouse rack options available for your pallet racking system. If your not sure, our specialists can assist by helping you pick the design to meet your need. Our passion is to help you find the industrial rack system that will promote efficiency and flexibility to suppement your business needs. We have plenty of styles new and used to match either your existing pallet rack system or lay the forefront for years to come.