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Structural racks offer a greater quality of strength and are built for the long-term. It is the workhorse of pallet rack built to precise specifications to insure performance and endurance in high-use applications and specifically heavy loads. This type of pallet rack is perfect for drive-in, push-back and pallet flow installations.


  • Cold storage facilities
  • Beverage distributors
  • Food handing (grocery) warehouses
  • High volume storage warehouses


  • Structural Rack is manufactured from hot-rolled structural steel and Roll Formed Rack is cold roll-formed steel.
  • Roll Formed Pallet Racks are made of lighter gauge steel with boltless beam pin connectors. They are limited in the amount of weight that they can support, and they are more easily damaged from forklift trucks.
  • Structural Pallet Racks are manufactured from c-channel steel, which offers higher load capacities and durability in harsh conditions such as from fork truck impact.
  • Structural Pallet Racks are heavier steel and bolted together for heavy duty storage.
  • Roll formed pallet racks have lower capacities and are lighter than structural rack.
  • Structural racks are more expensive and take slightly more labor to install, however they require less maintenance and provide greater longevity.
  • Popular in harsh-duty applications like freezers, coolers, and busy distribution facilities
  • C-channel construction makes it much easier to clean and wash down than roll form racks
  • Tends to have higher capacities than roll-form. Beam ties are usually added to increase capacity. Bolted connections add strength to structural systems.
  • Available in several colors, sizes and capacities
  • Compatible with teardrop style connections