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Designed for medium to heavy loads, Widespan shelving is the perfect solution for hand-loaded products. Small stocks and boxed items of different items can easily be stored for hand-picking. Wide span shelving systems can be built into several aisles and multi-levels where pickers can access items on foot from floor level or elevated walkways and/or mezzanines. Add-on components creates an easy to assemble, flexible storage system. Choose from metal, particle board (natural or white melamine finish) or wire decking for shelving. Z-beams are available to drop in particle board easily.

Wide span is considered one of the modern shelving options for store rooms, picking areas and more. Its versatile design and high capacity shelving allowing for fast integration for storing bulky, unboxed items and small parts. Components consist of upright frames, footplates, beams, shelf supports, row spacers, shelves, shims and safety pins to secure the beams.

This sturdy metal storage design requires no nuts or bolts for assembly. Uprights are 1-15/16” x 2-1/32” x 16 ga and can be anchored to the floor if necessary. Different size footplates are available depending on the specification. Contact Camara Industries today to get a quote to see if Widespan is the right choice for your environment.


  • A great solution for a flexible picking area layout
  • Offers high capacity for hand-loaded products
  • Shortens the routing in the picking area
  • Can easily combine with regular pallet rack as needed
  • Open unit concept provides easy access to materials
  • Ideal for a variety of manually loaded items


  • Backroom applications
  • Bulk merchandiser for retail areas
  • Tire display
  • Hand-stacked warehouse storage
  • Record/document storage
  • Storage of small to medium sized parcels
  • Mezzanine storage systems