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Stack racks (also called Portable Racks or Nesting Racks) are a portable type of racking system allowing warehouse storage for items that won’t go on a regular shelf to be managed quickly and easily. Stack racks typically have four corner columns allowing the rack to stack on top of one another without adding load to items stored on each level. (See image below)


  • The extreme versatility of a stack racking system makes it a true winner for the warehouse offering stable, low-density storage.
  • Lightweight and stackable make these storage racks easy to install.
  • Called stack racks or portable racks, items can be stacked up to 4 high and a forklift can quickly move all stacked items while stable.
  • More importantly, stack racks offer warehouse managers flexibility in the warehouse or distribution center to maximumize storage density.
  • Some products are hard to rack which creates a storage problem. With stack racks, you can quickly store items with the ability to double or quadruple stack adding more density to your warehouse.
  • With the use of stack racks, you don’t have to dedicate valuable warehouse space to permanent, bolt-in racking. For peak periods and changing product lines, you can have the flexibility to reconfigure your warehouse as needs change.
  • You can move multiple pallet locations at one time expediting workflow.
  • These portable racks can assemble and disassemble quickly for easy break down when not in use.
  • Fully loaded stack racks can be picked up and moved as one-piece reducing workflow and potential damage.
  • Store products directly on the rack eliminating the cost of using pallets.
  • Depending on your application, stack racks can be custom manufactured to fit your product(s).
  • Stack racks will completely breakdown into smaller pieces to be quickly organized and stored for later use.
Steel Stack Rack


  • Tires
  • Bulk items (fabric, rolled goods)
  • Super sacks
  • Crushable products
  • Boxes & pallets
  • Pipes, drums, rolls and coils