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Structural Pallet Rack

In warehousing, you’ll find that steel storage solutions such as pallet racks and cantilever racks are made from one of two types of steel: roll formed steel or structural steel. Pallet racks called roll formed are made from a process called cold roll forming. In this roll forming process, sheets of cold carbon steel sheets are bent with rollers to form the shapes for the uprights and beams. Structural steel is pretty much made by the same process, except in this case, the rack elements are formed from hot rolled channels of steel. You will find both types of steel are also referred to as cold rolled steel or hot rolled steel.

the advantages of structural steel pallet racks are:

  • Higher capacity
  • Lower maintenance
  • More durable
  • Stronger, better withstands impact
  • Holds up better to harsh warehouse environments
  • Can be washed down, making it a good choice for food handling warehouses, cold storage, and beverage distributors.
  • Can be used outdoors

Advantages of Structural Steel Storage Racks

The hot rolled channel and angle sections comprising structural storage racks are much thicker and more resistant to damage than equivalent cold roll formed shapes. The hot rolled channel construction adds toughness and rigidity and also makes the racks easier to clean and wash down. Structural steel racking supports heavier pallet loads and withstands more forklift impact than cold roll formed pallet rack. Additionally, structural steel racks use a strong and secure bolted beam-to-frame connection. Structural steel pallet rack is more expensive than cold roll formed rack, but the outstanding durability of this low gauge steel racking translates into longer life and reduced need for maintenance, resulting in lower costs over the long term. Structural steel racking is unrivaled in terms of capacity and durability.

When Should You Use Structural Steel Rack?

Structural steel racks can be used in all rack storage systems, from cantilever racks to selective pallet racking to the engineered rack systems, such as pushback, drive-in, pallet flow, and carton flow racking. In fact, structural rack is often the best choice for dynamic storage systems because live loads and constant forklift movement within the racks generate more wear and tear on the uprights and load beams. Structural steel rack is not ideal for every storage application, but in harsh or demanding environments such as cold storage, or outdoors, or when only the strongest rack will do, structural rack is the best choice.

Let Us Help You Design Your Next Storage System

If your warehouse environment is harsh and demanding and you need the strongest, most durable storage racking available, we’re here to help you design the perfect structural rack system for your space. No two facilities are alike. Our passion is to help you find the ideal, most cost-effective industrial rack system that will optimize your warehouse for the highest efficiency. We have plenty of new and used styles to match your existing storage system or lay the foundation for years to come.

Used Structural Steel Rack

When it comes to used structural warehouse racks, Camara Industries is a nationwide supplier with a vast network capable of servicing every corner of the United States. You can expect to save 30-60% when you opt for pre-owned structural rack. Choose from various styles to meet your needs and save tons!

New Structural Steel Rack

We represent the leading manufacturers to bring you top-of-the-line industrial pallet racks. If you are in the market for new structural steel pallet racks, we’re here to help from start to finish, with layout, design, and installation.