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The Ultimate Guide to Store Planning with Retail Display Fixtures: Maximizing Space and Appeal Across Various Store Types

on November 15, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of retail, mastering the art of display fixture placement, especially gondolas, is crucial for enhancing customer experience and driving sales. This guide offers insights into setting up retail store display fixtures across a variety of store types, including supermarkets, hardware stores, discount stores, beauty supply stores, pet stores, liquor stores, pharmacies, and convenience stores.

Supermarkets demand a layout that supports smooth customer flow and product prominence. Utilizing island gondolas creates accessible pathways and organizes products effectively, ensuring high-traffic items are at eye level on supermarket shelving for optimal visibility.

Hardware Store Shelving

For hardware stores, where products range from lightweight accessories to heavier items, versatile gondola shelving that can bear substantial weight is ideal. Incorporating pegboards for tools and accessories maximizes vertical space while keeping items within easy reach.

Discount Store Shelving

Discount stores benefit from adaptable display options like wall gondolas and slat walls, perfect for showcasing a diverse array of products from clothing to household goods in a space-saving manner.

Beauty Supply Store Shelving

Aesthetics are key in beauty supply stores. Glass shelving and illuminated displays not only enhance product visibility but also contribute to an inviting store atmosphere. Strategic lighting can further accentuate select products on gondola shelves.

Pet Store Shelving

Pet stores require adjustable gondola shelving to cater to varying product sizes, from tiny accessories to bulky pet food bags. Adding interactive displays, like pet toy testing areas, boosts customer engagement.

Liquor Store Shelving

Liquor stores need both secure and accessible displays. Lockable display cases for high-value items and custom gondola shelving designed for safe bottle storage are essential.

Pharmacy Shelving

Pharmacies should prioritize a layout that fosters privacy and efficiency. Clearly, categorized pharmacy shelving helps customers quickly locate products, while service counters offer a confidential area for consultations.

Convenience Store Shelving

The success of convenience stores hinges on encouraging quick purchases. Placing impulse buy racks near the checkout and using refrigerated gondolas for snacks and beverages can significantly increase sales.

Store Planning Assistance with Camara Industries

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