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Used Cantilever Racks

on October 11, 2019

Used Cantilever Racks not only offer diversity when compared to other Industrial Rack solutions but used racks also adds huge value and very cost-effective.  

Since products and warehouses are extremely diverse, cantilever racks are created just as diverse as the products. For example, since the height of each level of a cantilever rack is determined by the sum of the load height + clearance requirement + arm height. So whether bulky furniture or piping and textiles used cantilever rack can be built for a specific Rack Solutions.

So the main benefits when looking at cantilever rack systems are better storage for and improved access to warehoused products and materials, particularly large bulky items that come in a range of sizes. Since cantilever racks are not restricted by the front columns of traditional pallet racks, they provide full horizontal access, which increases storage space and improves product flow.

Used cantilever rack Systems were created for the correct load distribution and product overhang for a certain type of products. So, when ordering your cantilever rack storage system it’s best to know what exactly they’ll be storing or housing.  What are the chances that your used cantilever racks were created for your products in the same sizes you will be stored in your warehouse is not optimal and calling the experts at Camara Industries will save you lots of headaches and time when Buying Used Cantilever Racks.

Used cantilever rack systems have many applications such as cantilever rack systems for lumber, cantilever rack systems for pipes, as well as many other similar types of applications.


You may want to purchase new? When purchased new cantilever racks are custom designed in terms of arm length, clearance, depth, and height to meet the needs of your specific products, while used cantilever racks were designed for someone else’s products. New or used be sure the cantilever racks you buy are built according to handle your product and requirements. Calling Camara Industries will assure you’ll be guaranteed to improve the safety and efficacy of your storage and handling processes.