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Pallet racks and their associated accessories are what can make the difference between an efficient warehouse and a big useless building. Whether you are preparing a building to store heavy industrial equipment or a wholesale store that is open to the public, choosing the right pallet rack accessories can save you a significant amount of time and effort.

Wall Ties

No matter where you’re installing your warehouse shelving system, you will have to deal with your building’s walls and internal structural columns. That’s where wall ties and row spacers come in. A wall tie secures your pallet uprights to the building’s wall. This can be very important to ensure that your pallet systems remain stable when under load. Row spacers work to help stabilize your pallet systems by hooking them together. In addition, they can be used to work around areas where there are intervening columns that could otherwise interfere with your installation. Row spacers can be extremely important if you’re installing a pallet storage system in a building that wasn’t originally designed with that in mind.

Cross Aisle Ties

Cross aisle ties are designed to help connect two face-to-face frames (or the vertical component of the pallet system). A cross aisle tie can be vital to ensure that a single row of racking is stable and will not shift unexpectedly when under load. This can be especially important if your warehouse is seeing a large amount of cargo transfer or if you’re working with customers who may not be skilled in how to handle palletized storage systems.


It happens in every warehouse now and then. Your pallet system is perfect for a 64-inch high package. Unfortunately, you’ve just been handed a 70-inch high package and have no place to put it. A splice lets you extend the height of your existing frames, avoiding the time and expense involved in completely replacing a pallet system.

Reinforced Inserts

A heavy pallet load may require that you make use of reinforced inserts in the pallet in order to ensure that the load does damage or break through the pallet. In addition, reinforced inserts can be used to repair damaged pallets, which is usually less expensive than replacing them. This can be very important if your company works with items that vary widely in weight and size. A pallet rack can be the key to ensuring that your warehouse shelving system is a trouble free investment. By making use of the various pallet rack accessories designed to ensure that your warehouse storage system will be tailored for your company’s specific needs, you can be assured that the warehouse contents will be stored in a safe, effective and efficient manner.