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WareHouse Hurrican Damage

on August 30, 2019

Even a moderate windstorm can cause costly damages to industrial properties, many of which require fast repairs to prevent further losses. In times like Hurricane diasters, Hurricane Dorian for example, being prepared before and fixing after is an area we can help. At Camara Industries we offer all types of shelving to help in the event of major diasters like Hurricanes, and flood damage. Before or after the storm we can add or replace shelving. Don’t wait till your inventory is destroyed, move it up on shelving.

Damage to Warehouses and Industrial Properties After a Hurricane.

Owners of warehouses and industrial properties have unique needs when it comes to protecting themselves from wind storms. The high walls, flat roofs, and large windows common to industrial properties can be smashed by objects tossed around in the storm, while winds traveling fast enough can peel a roof off of a structure. Once the interior of the structure is exposed to the elements, owners can suffer millions of dollars in lost inventory as well as the loss of highly-specialized machinery. this is where industrial racking can help in hurricanes and storms. Get it off the floor and save your products from flooding and water damage.

Prevention From Flood Damage to a Warehouse

Flooding can disrupt any business’ daily operations, but damage to a warehouse can cause significant losses and interruption to the supply chain. Owners may be unable to fill orders, manufacture goods, or process sales until extensive repairs have been completed—and commercial insurance may not be enough to cover the full extent of the damage. By installing racking to your warehouse you can up the odds on saving machinary and inventory from water damage.

What Can you DO

When your trying to protect your assets durring a heavy storm, or hurricane making sure your inventory and light equipment is off the floor could save you thousands to millions of dollars. Adding industrial shelving to your facility could be very benificail when these types of challendges arrives. Call us at Camara Industries to find out how we can help you solve the problem before it gets. Saving your business 1 shelve at a time.