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What is Warehouse Racking


Warehouse racking is the system of shelves, configuration, and location of the physical structure required to hold your inventory items. Typically made from plastic, metal, or wood, warehouse racking plays an important part in how easy it is to store and retrieve your inventory items as well as how efficiently your warehouse operates and most importantly, how safe the workspace is. Whether you’re looking to store inventory for short term or long term service, large or small pieces racking systems can be designed to fill all your warehouse needs.


  • Industrial Pallet Rack Systems; A pallet rack system is exactly what it sounds like: racking which accommodates pallet racks. This type of system is ideal for warehouses, grocery stores, and similar businesses.


  • Bulk Racks; Warehouse storage bulk racks are an inexpensive solution to storing large quantities of products. They are especially ideal for storing dense and heavy products such as reams of paper, tins, and cans of food, etc.


  • Wire Partitions; Wire mesh partitions are used primarily for securing crucial tools, but can also be used to create storage rooms to secure merchandise the requires special protection. These partitions are made with a strong diamond pattern of woven wire that contributes to its clean and classic look.


  • Cantilever Racking; Cantilever racks feature a single beam with arms extending out. These racks are used for the storage of bulky, over-sized loads such as timber, plasterboard, steel trusses, & piping. There are four key components to the rack: the upright, base, arms, and braces.


  • Carton Flow Racks; Industrial Carton flow racks feature a slight slope so that cartons can “flow” or can be rolled to the front. This type of industrial shelf system is ideal for first in, first our products, and it is perfect for fast-moving items or a high-traffic warehouse.


  • Mezzanines; Mezzanines are essentially a platform built on your warehouse floor space, which provides another level of storage. Upfront costs may be high, but they pay off for years, providing you with extra storage space without having to pay extra rent. In addition, if you move your storage facility, they can be dismantled and moved to your new location.




Types of Racking


The most popular kind of warehouse racking is called selective racking. In this system, aisles can be narrow as they only need to provide enough space for one pallet to move through. Employees or robotic picking systems select items from the aisle and they are only one pallet deep.


The right product storage, organization, and transport is critical to an effective operation. When the solution requires racking, Camara Industries can put all the pieces together. We provide a variety of warehouse racking and storage solutions to maximize your space, from standard pallet rack to selective, push back, cantilever, and other specialty pallet racking systems.


We put decades of experience to work to help you plan, design, develop, and deploy a custom-engineered, high-quality and efficient storage system. We also offer installation, used pallet rack, and pallet rack repair services. In some cases, we even buy or trade-in your existing rack.


In warehouses that require dense storage, you may choose a drive-in or drive-through racking system. The system you select depends on your inventory process. If you stock items that have a use-by date and follow a first-in-first-out (FIFO) process, you’ll want a drive-through racking system. If you use a last-in-first-out (LIFO) process for low turnover items, you’ll want a drive-in racking system.


Another racking system for LIFO processes and high-density storage is the push-back rack. These racks are typically as deep as two to five pallets and move the rows forward or back on rails and carts depending on inventory volume. Similar to push-back racks, gravity racks perform in a vertical plane, receiving new goods at the top and dispensing older goods from the bottom.


We are committed to being your low-cost supplier of new and used cantilever racks. Our years of experience have provided us the opportunity to learn how to provide quality products efficiently. We have learned which suppliers are reliable and consistently provide top quality new and used rack applications at fair prices.


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