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Pallet Rack Wire Decking

Wire decking, also called wire mesh deck, deck grids, or pallet rack grids are best for keeping products fire safe. Its open grid design makes it a safer alternative to closed decking because sprinkler systems can easily flow through the wire deck grids preventing fire damage.

Wire deck is measured by the depth of the pallet rack and the width of the load beam. This determines the width of the deck to be used. To choose your size, you also much know your design.

Channel Designs

  • Standard Step
  • Inverted Flange
  • Flush Flat
  • Flush Waterfall

Decking Options

  • Available in super light duty decks for lower capacity applications
  • Choose from standard mesh decks for capacities 2,500 lbs. and under
  • Select super heavy-duty decks for capacities needing over 2,500 lbs.
  • Outdoor Decks: Zinc-plated or hot-dip galvanized for great weather resistance
  • Anchored Decks: Can be secured to the beam to stop beam separation and prevent deck movement

Wire Deck Specifications

  • Manufactured with 5-gauge wire
  • Wire pattern 2.5” x 4” grid
  • Gray Powder coated finish
  • All decks meet or exceed the ANSI MH-26.2 guidelines


  • Choosing wire decks as an option increases the capacity in your warehouse
  • Quick and easy installation makes wire decking the right choice for large warehouses
  • The open grid pattern equates to easy visibility for inventory inspection
  • Wire decks minimizes dirt build-up especially for food storage
  • The wire grids also improve air circulation
  • Because of the fire safety factor, it typically decreases insurance premiums
  • Easily increases overhead sprinkler effectiveness
  • Wire decking meets fire code standards
  • No fuss, easy maintenance and lasts for years
  • Establishes safety in your facility

Wire Deck Beam Fitting Chart

Beam Lengths Deck Combinations to Use
6′-0″ -72″ (2) 34″
7′-0″ – 84″ (1) 34″ + (1) 46″
7′-8″ – 92″ (2) 46″
8′-0″ – 96″ (2) 46″
8′-6″ – 102″ (1) 46″ + (1) 52″
9′-0″ – 108″ (2) 52″ or (3) 34″
10′-0″ – 120″ (2) 58″ or (2) 34″ + (1) 46″
11′-0″ – 132″ (1) 34″ + (2) 46″
12′-0″ – 144″ (3) 46″
Wire Deck for Mesh

Wire Decks (Sizes and Capacities)

Size (Depth x Width) Weight Capacity
24″ x 46″ 3,500 Lbs UDL
30″ x 46″ 3,200 Lbs UDL
36″ x 34″ 2,600 Lbs UDL
36″ x 46″ 2,700 Lbs UDL
36″ x 46″ 3,200 Lbs UDL
36″ x 52″ 2,700 Lbs UDL
36″ x 58″ 2,700 Lbs UDL
42″ x 34″ 2,550 Lbs UDL
42″ x 46″ 2,200 Lbs UDL
42″ x 46″ 2,700 Lbs UDL
42″ x 46″ 3,000 Lbs UDL
42″ x 46″ 3,600 Lbs UDL
42″ x 52″ 2,250 Lbs UDL
42″ x 52″ 2,700 Lbs UDL
42″ x 52″ 3,650 Lbs UDL
42″ x 58″ 2,750 Lbs UDL
44″ x 46″ 2,550 Lbs UDL
44″ x 52″ 2,750 Lbs UDL
48″ x 34″ 2,200 Lbs UDL
48″ x 46″ 1,900 Lbs UDL
48″ x 46″ 2,500 Lbs UDL
48″ x 46″ 3,100 Lbs UDL
48″ x 52″ 2,550 Lbs UDL
48″ x 58″ 2,500 Lbs UDL
60″ x 46″ 2,300 Lbs UDL

FAQ for Wire Decking

Wire decking is a pallet support structure made of wire mesh, used in pallet rack systems. It is designed to safely store pallets and other materials, providing a stable platform and improved fire safety.

ANSI MH26.2-2017 sets the standards for the design, fabrication, testing, and utilization of welded-wire rack decking. It ensures that wire decking meets certain safety and performance criteria.

The standard requires wire decking to be designed with sufficient strength, durability, and rigidity. It must support the specified loads without deformation and ensure proper fit with the pallet racks.

Fabrication must follow precise measurements and quality materials. The welding process should ensure strong bonds, and the finish must protect against corrosion.

Tests include load capacity testing, durability tests under various conditions, and weld strength tests to ensure that the decking meets the required safety standards.

Load capacity is determined by considering factors like wire diameter, mesh size, and the support structure. The ANSI standard provides guidelines to calculate the appropriate load capacity.

Yes, the standard provides guidelines for safe utilization, including proper load distribution, avoiding overloading, and regular inspections for damage or wear.

Benefits include improved safety, better load distribution, enhanced visibility for stored items, compliance with fire safety codes, and ease of installation.

Its open design allows for better water penetration from sprinkler systems in case of fire, reducing the fire hazard compared to solid shelving.

Most wire decking is made from steel, often coated with zinc or a powder coat to prevent rust and increase longevity.

Yes, it can be customized in terms of size, wire gauge, mesh pattern, and finish to meet specific requirements or fit unique rack systems.

Wire decking is typically designed for easy installation, often simply dropping into place on the horizontal beams of the rack system.

Regular inspections for damage, ensuring proper load distribution, and keeping it clean are key maintenance practices.

While versatile, it’s important to ensure compatibility with your specific pallet rack system, especially in terms of size and load capacity.

The full standard is available for purchase through the ANSI website or other authorized distributors. It provides detailed information about all aspects of welded-wire rack decking.